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We are proud to announce the publication of our article in the spring issue of Montessori Life of the American Montessori Society. The article titled “From Zero to Infinity” introduces to the world of the origin and development of parent education in Hong Kong and China.


Montessori Conference in Shanghai


ICW founder Daisy Lau presented “The Art of Parent Education”

Montessori Asia Annual Conference

2014  Tokyo

ICW founder and HKMRDA Chairman Ralph Yau presented “The Concept of balance in Montessori philosophy and Chinese Philosophy

2013  Moscow

ICW founder Ralph Yau presented the essay titled “A participatory model: how do Montessorians cope with the fast-changing society”

Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation Conference 2015

Ralph Yau talked on the topic “Win at the start?!”



8-hr Parent Education Class (English)

Infinity Infants: Observation Class

23/11/2016 –  11/1/2017

Free Seat of Parent Education Class for the Underpriviledged

Our school always strives to reach out to and provide quality education to different sectors of the society, for example by providing free education classes for underprivileged children and families as well as ethnic minorities. Now we would like to continue this service by offering a maximum of 10 free seats to the recipients of comprehensive social security scheme (CSSA) in our monthly 8-hour parent education class. Applicants must be a recipient of CSSA or other equivalent social benefits. Eligible applicants must provide written documents verifying their status together with an application form at least one week before the date of the parent class.

  1. *The Concept of balance in Montessori philosophy and Chinese Philosophy”

  2. *Preventive Education and Preventive Medicine: The Normalization of Parents

  3. *The Beginning: The Art of Parent Education

* WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk

  1. *Council of Europe: The harm of wireless technology, particularly to pregnant women, newborn babies and children

  2. * To provide schools not adopting wireless network of choice


What is an internationally recognised Montessori Teacher Education Programme?

An International Montessori Teacher License refers to the license issued by American Montessori Society (AMS), Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) or other teacher education centers that are accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). Most internationally recognised teachers receive license from AMS which requires candidates to receive training for nearly 1000 hours. We are the first and only teacher education centre that obtains the AMS and MACTE qualifications in Hong Kong.

What is an American Montessori Society Full International Member School?

The basic requirement for an American Montessori Society Full International Member School is that all head teachers should be the beholders of an International Montessori Teacher License. Infinity Children’s School is the only school that obtains the qualification in Hong Kong

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"With child's infinite possibilities, he/she can well be the transformer of humanities, just as he/she is its creator. The child brings us a great hope and a new vision"

──Maria Montessori, "Absorbent Mind"


The only American Montessori Society Teacher Education Centre & Full Member School in HK


Montessori Asia Conference Hong Kong 2017

The Education University of Hong Kong

20-22 May, 2017

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