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Summer Course (Kln Tong Aged 3-6)

【Summer Programme 2018: Garden Beautification Project】
(*For aged 3-6 students of Infinity Montessori Academy and Infinity Children's World only)

We are excited to present our Summer Programme 2018! This summer, we invite children to join us in our Infinity Garden Beautification project. Our outdoor area is a valuable treasure in the compact, urban city of Hong Kong. Let's take advantage of this gift by allowing our children to build and explore!

Throughout the Summer Programme month, all the children will creatively design, plan, build and renovate various facilities in our garden. Children will help with changing safety mats and astroturf, repainting walls and other existing facilities, and building new facilities using both natural and repurposed materials. Using their physical strengths and creativity, children will internalize concentration, order, coordination, willpower, care and responsibility, and sense of belonging to their school environment. The process will nurture their ability to plan and risk-manage by observing and understanding the relationship between the person and the environment. In addition, children will also build up their aesthetics and logic through various reconstruction, painting, planting, matching, etc. 

Since this Programme will feature construction work, we will have one 4-week session. Moreover, our indoor classroom will remain a Montessori environment. This gives our children the important lifestyle consistency they need over the summer.

Details are as follows:
Date: 30 July 2018 - 24 August 2018
Time: 9:00am-12:00noon
Place: Kowloon Tong Campus

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