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Summer Course (Kln Tong Aged 3-6)

【Summer Programme 2019】
(*For aged 3-6 students of Infinity Montessori Academy and Infinity Children's World only)

We are pleased to introduce the Infinity Montessori Academy Summer Programme 2019. This year, we will have two themes for two sessions. Session A features an immersive journey into Music & Movement, while children in Session B will explore the Science behind a Water Park. Details are as follows:

Session A - A Journey into Music & Movement
Date: 15-26 July 2019 (Mondays-Fridays)
Time: 9:00am-12:00noon
Place: Kowloon Tong Campus

Distinguished guitarist Samuel Mok (first week) and our renowned music teacher Vincent Wong (second week) will guide our children into a musical journey everyday. In this immersive musical education, children will learn how to appreciate different musical elements they experience. First, they must concentrate on listening, taking in the different rhythm, volume, and pitch of what they have heard. Then, they must coordinate between their minds and bodies to express these music, which they have organized through their sense of order. An introduction to musical instruments, including creating ukuleles and making musical instruments with fruit and vegetables, leads to their innovation and appreciation of sounds. Movement activities including walking on the line, yoga, and cross-hemisphere/contralateral movement games develop the conscious mind needed to fine tune our minds and prepare ourselves for peace.


Session B - Science behind a Water Park
Date: 29 July - 9 August, 2019 (Mondays-Fridays)
Time: 9:00am-12:00noon
Place: Kowloon Tong Campus

Water is an important element for life. Children are often curious about water, exploring its characteristics and discovering joy throughout their unconscious experimentations. Through their various senses, children participating in Session B will immerse themselves in various activities to discover water's properties, including physical states, density, the effect gravity has on water, and much more. This Session will aim towards building a children-designed, children-created outdoor "water park." After identifying different water properties, children will apply these concepts practically by making "water park" facilities such as hoses, pipes, sprinklers, and much more with different materials. We hope this Sesson's exploration will bring knowledge, joy, and peace for the children through their water play. 


In addition to activities related to the above themes, our classroom will maintain the Montessori classroom our children experience throughout the regular school year. This gives our children the important lifestyle consistency they need over the summer. As such, we strongly encourage all of our current 3-6 children who are staying in Hong Kong to attend. 


Enrollment is limited and will be first come, first serve, so don't delay! 

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