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Advanced Parent Courses

Advanced Parent Education Course:
Secret of Children (ages 3-6)

  • Montessori Language Arts (Early Childhood)  9/5/2020 (Sat) 9am-6pm


How can we build up a child's independence and concentration while nurturing a trusting relationship with the caregiver? How do we help an infant adhere and integrate with the order of the cosmos and everything within it? How do we take care, nurture, and educate our children? With the rapid growth of the child through ages 0-3, parents often discover the need to grow alongside the child. We will focus on the big picture as well as all the details of these three important years to assist you and your child. Prerequisite: 8-hour Parent Education Foundational Class: Introduction to Montessori.


Advanced Parent Education Course:
Secret of Infants (ages 0-3)

  • 8-hour Parent Education Foundational Class: Introduction to Montessori (pre-requisite)
  • A closer look at the Montessori philosophy
  • In-depth understanding of the Spiritual Embryo
  • “Zero” and “Infinity”
  • Children’s positive impact on adults:
  • Educating without teaching
  • Normalization: How to bring out the best qualities in children
  • The key to children’s healthy mental and psychological growth
  • The connection between the brain and movements
  • Human being’s natural rhythm
  • Short film appreciation: A look at early human’s instincts and inclinations
  • Experience Internalization
  • The relationship between children and the universe
  • Universal traits and Creative periods of early human beings
  • The construction of “self”
  • Feeling and understanding
  • Newborn’s developmental needs: Movement, sensorial, recognition, language, emotions and social life
  • Demonstration by Montessori directresses of infant-caring at home
  • What Early Childhood Education is and isn’t
  • Adult intervention=interruption
  • Preparing the adult: A self-reflective journey
  • Reading materials: Human Development
  • A closer look at Montessori materials and home-made materials

Advanced Parent Education Course:
Secret of Children (ages 3-6)

  • 8-hour Parent Education Foundational Class: Introduction to Montessori (pre-requisite)
  • Practical Life: Localization--Integrating Chinese and local culture into Montessori practices
  • Sensorial
  • Logic and Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Culture and Science
  • Social-emotional Development
  • The art of Montessori management in school or at home
  • Observation

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