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Allow children to touch everything

Try to say “yes” instead of “no”. See what will happen! We believe that the result will be beyond your imagination. Children are able to manage themselves if they are not suppressed. In fact, children who are always directed by adults are more prone to irrational behavior, escape or rebellion.

The intellect of a child guides the motion of his/her hands, creating information-exchanging cycles: the hands reports to the brain while the brain directs the movement of the hands accordingly, so that the hands can gather more information to report to the brain. This is a continuous learning and development process. Turns out that when we adhere to the natural development of the children, the hands and the brain operate as a whole and the result is amazing.

Every idea related to the intellectual mind is first transmitted to the hands. Children then develop deeper rational recognition. When the children turn 12, they have already developed a formula to resolve problems. For children, the process of reaching a solution is as important as the solution itself.

That’s why we concern about the development of hands into a delicate tool with higher flexibility and accuracy. We would like their hands to be intellectual instruments like “the hands of surgeons”. Since this development is thought-oriented instead of mechanical actions, we should encourage children to touch. Moreover, when the hands cooperate with the brain, this allows deeper recognition and encourages further learning interest. Therefore, hands are learning tools. 

If you do not allow the children to touch things, you are denying them the opportunity to learn. Hence, under safe circumstances, please let the children to their hands more.

Help children to understand “time”

Time is an abstract idea for children. Invisible and intangible, time is very difficult to understand. If we use Montessori’s approach to objectify the situation, time become much easier to understand. The sun is the most objective teller of time. If children know how to observe the sun, they can understand the concept of “day and night”. Since linking human’s activities with the position of the sun can assist children to grasp a basic concept of time, we must teach children about the sun before we move on to clock. 

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