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Parenting our Montessori 3 to 6-year-old at home during the pandemic

Parenting our Montessori 3 to 6-year-old at home during the pandemic (An expanded version of Montessori Parent C



【無限樂章‭ ‬Infinity‭ ‬Music】 孩子在學校經常用身心靈去感受音樂。由培育孩子靈敏聽覺的蒙特梭利「音感鐘」、舞動身體作為樂器、體驗各種樂器、唱音樂老師Vincent哥哥創作的廣東兒歌和世界各地好歌......。  

From Zero to Infinity - Montessori Parent Education in Hong Kong and Greater China


Our founders were invited by Montessori Life of the AMS to publish an article on our new parent education model. Here is the full article:     It was a hot and humid afternoo

預防醫學與預防教育: 父母正常化



南韓亞洲世界蒙特梭利會議2010 香港代表邱振明論文   蒙特梭利博士是西醫學出身,那中醫對蒙特梭利教育有什麼啟示呢?   先分享一下我學中醫的經歷。六年前,即兒子一歲多時有輕微氣喘,一位西醫教授已輕易開哮喘藥和抗生素;另一次他連續發高燒,西醫即送他入醫院,我開始重新思考為何會讓孩子

The Montessori Parent Education Movement


"The destiny of nations lies far more in the hands of women, the mothers, than in the possessors of power, or those of innovators who for the most part do not understand themselves. We must cultiva

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    Infinity Children's World was founded in 2006. We emphasize high quality education programmes for children, parents and teachers. We also actively conduct research and development of pedagogy and materials. 
    *The first and only American Montessori Society (AMS)-Affiliated and Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE)-Accredited Teacher Credential Programme in Hong Kong.
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